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Primary Education in the Best International School in Bangalore

Ranjitha Shastry
Jul 30, 2021
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A strong and solid foundation is extremely crucial to build the future on. Primary education becomes an important phase for every child in order to build their character. It marks the first step to build and enhance a child's personality. Primary education plays a vital role in shaping their emotional, physical, cognitive, cultural and social skills.

Being a hub of education in India, Bangalore offers top notch education in international schools for primary schooling that makes the learning process fruitful and enriching. Schools are the foremost fountain of knowledge children are exposed to, hence it is imperative to make the right choice for your child.

Importance of Primary Education

The basics of education is laid down during the primary schooling of a child. To make your child a better person and help them grow, primary education plays an important role. It becomes a guiding light for children as they enter formal education. 

Major factors that make primary education a must for every child:


1. Development of basic skills: Primary schooling builds basic skills among children like fine and gross motor skills, cooperation, interaction, reading, writing etc that forms the foundation for the child's first phase of learning. Habits also develop during this phase and it is at this point when it is easy to mould children into good, well mannered humans that will benefit them at a later stage.

2. Nourishes a child's physical needs: This is the time when children learn and grow physically while playing and adapting to games. They take part in new activities that stimulate their mental and physical growth. They get to explore new opportunities and understand their strengths and weaknesses gradually.

3. Mental growth of a child: Along with the physical growth, the child also grows psychologically as they learn to adapt and mingle in a new environment with people around. It is ideal for their psychological and physical development to occur simultaneously for a healthy overall growth. A child's mind is very sensitive and gullible at this point so it is important to know their behaviour patterns in order to help discipline their mind and behavior which eventually benefits them.

4. Inculcates social behaviour: Humans are social beings from the start, school becomes the first and crucial point of interaction for children with their peers. They learn to distinguish between good and bad behaviours here. Schools inculcate the behaviour and social rules to help children interact among each other in order to develop communication skills in them. They become aware about different relationships like friendship and they learn to make such relations in school which is solely decided by their likes and dislikes towards each other.

5. Holistic development of a child's personality: An International private school in Bangalore not only focuses on academic excellence but also ensures that the child's development is holistic to enable them to solve and face different problems that may arise in future. From academics, to extracurricular activities, competitions, projects, children learn various things in one place and undergo a well rounded development. School provides a positive, conducive and learning atmosphere for students to grow and learn continuously and keep the fire of learning alive forever. Children come across various subjects and topics that will eventually be dealt with in depth. They learn the basics of every subject and hence it becomes essential to make the concepts clear and strong.

It is rightly said that when the roots are strong and well nourished, the tree will automatically grow to be strong and healthy. This very aptly goes with the development of every child.

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Features That Make the School Worthy for Your Child


1. Exploring New Possibilities

Schools ensure to offer new possibilities and opportunities to students so that they explore their talents, identify what they are good at and eventually hone that particular skill/s. Every extracurricular and cocurricular activity gives exposure to your child and widens his/her horizons. To inculcate a sense of belonging, teamwork and brotherhood among each other, many of these activities are carried out by grouping students in teams which inspires healthy competition and makes room for improvement.

2. Quality of Education

The excellent and in-depth knowledge offered in schools in Bangalore is undoubtedly A-grade. Schools design a unique and flexible learning and teaching process that allow students to achieve their full potential. Students grow to expand their learning spectrum and are able to grasp more as they progress in their journey.

3. Transdisciplinary Faculty

Having a transdisciplinary faculty facilitates the interaction and connection of students and teachers. By virtue of diversity, even students see and learn from their interactions with the teachers. These informal sessions or interactions also play a huge role shaping your kids' personality and mindset. After all, teachers become second parents for the students who look up to them for everything.

4. Intermingling of Various Cultures

Being the Electronic capital of India, Bangalore is home for people from various regions and hence we see a fusion of different cultures. The intermingling of thoughts and  ideas with other cultures help students to build a more accepting and respectful attitude towards differences and inculcates an adaptive nature in them. They not only learn in the classrooms but peer to peer learning becomes a major aspect of moulding the personalities of the young minds.

5. Wide Array of Curricula

Schools have designed a curriculum that provides a wide array and an in-depth knowledge of subjects with practical learning, instead of forcing down large amounts of unconnected information. Curricula like CBSE, Montessori, IB for primary years as well as secondary/senior secondary years is offered to students hence students are open to choose from the options freely.

Some of the best schools have their own customized frameworks and curriculums, these curriculum not only imparts academic excellence but also grooms students holistically to enable them to easily tackle the hurdles of tomorrow. They offer different types of curricula for primary to high school students that the child can choose from i.e they offer CBSE programme that is for class 1 to 12 and they offer the Montessori Programme that caters to  kids in nursery, kindergarten 1 and kindergarten 2.

What Can You Do as Parents for Your Child's Learning Process?

As parents it is your responsibility to walk your child through this new phase smoothly and hassle-free. You must make them feel comfortable and understand their fears and mindset during this time so that if at all there is any need for attention, it can be provided quickly.

● Spend time with your child and befriend them from an early age so that they share everything with you

● Be aware about the work they get from school

● Ensure to not demotivate or force them to do something

● Keep in touch with their teachers about their progress and/or shortcomings

● Be an active part of their activities

● Encourage them to try new things

● Lastly, be there for them always

This is the time when a child needs your attention and care the most so never fail to provide them the same as your support will help them to grow holistically. School is an important source of education but it is imperative to remember that what you can teach your child, nobody can because you know them the best.

Keep these pointers in mind before enrolling your child in an exemplary international school in Bangalore for primary schooling and hopefully they will help you and your child in the learning process.

Ranjitha Shastry

“Being a kindergarten teacher is comforting, my students have little hands and big hearts. I’m proud to be a Kindergarten teacher!!

I have worked in the field of education for 10 years. I have been working with GIIS Bangalore for five years.

Working with young children means constant activity, interruptions, and lots of colour! I tailor lessons and activities to the needs of each unique student. I am always learning new research or better ways to do something. I am very blessed to be in a school that supports the importance of play at this age. 

The teaching approach that I follow are hands-on approach and the Play way teaching methods that encourage students to learn by doing and by example. 

From teaching Rhymes to preparing the students for Inter-school competitions, training them for cultural events, I always try my best to create an impact in their life.

The most important role for a teacher, I believe, is to introduce children at early ages to a wealth of wonderful learning opportunities, So they are inspired to think about who they can be and what they can do for the rest of their lives.

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