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Types of Scholarships at Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore

Ranjitha Shastry
Sep 24, 2021

Scholarships are not just about getting an education. Scholarships can also be used to offset the high cost of tuition, which is a struggle for many families. When students get scholarships, they are also given the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

A school scholarship is an award of money or other types of aid for a student who can demonstrate academic achievement and need in order to help pay for his or her education costs. 

Scholarships are typically given on the basis of merit (e.g., in academic competitions), financial need (e.g., from a government agency), or both (e.g., from an individual).

Many CBSE schools in Bangalore, India provide students with scholarship opportunities. Majorly all the best CBSE schools in Bangalore provide scholarships to children. Do you know why?

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Best CBSE schools in Bangalore

Bangalore has a diverse population with a diverse range of education needs. This is why there is such a variety of schools in the city. From Montessori schools to Indian international schools, Bangalore has it all! But CBSE curriculum is the most popular and widely opted amongst all curricula in India.

Different people have different goals when it comes to their children's education. Some parents want their children to learn Indian culture and traditions, while others want them to be prepared for the global economy and globalized world. This diversity is reflected in the various types of schools available in Bangalore.

Despite the fact that parents crave to provide the best education to their children, most cannot afford it due to economic pressures. And this is when Scholarships come handy.

Myths about School Scholarships in Bangalore

When it comes to school scholarships many parents are confused because of the misconceptions in the society regarding them. Here are few myths that are not true:-

● Scholarships are available only for students belonging to economically-challenged sections of society.

● Only toppers can get a scholarship.

● Scholarship amount is very less.

● Applying for a scholarship requires many steps and it's complicated.

● You can apply for only one scholarship.

Now, Here is the Truth About Scholarships Provided by Schools

● There are scholarships for students of different classes, caste, creed, gender and category in India.

● There are many scholarship awards that can be used to support education. Examples of these awards include those that are merit-based, means-based, talent-based and more.

● The Scholarship amount received is good enough to support parents for their child's tuition fees.

● With technological advancements, applying for School Scholarships is quite simple now.

● Students can apply for as many scholarships as they want as long as they are fulfilling the conditions and requirements attached with the respected scholarships.

Types of Scholarships at Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore

It is difficult to get a scholarship at school, especially if you are not the best student. But it is not impossible.

There are certain things that you can do in order to make your chances of getting a scholarship higher in Bangalore. 

A good idea would be to apply for as many scholarships as you can and find out about the requirements for each scholarship award that you are interested in. 

But first you need to know the different scholarships you can apply for at best CBSE Schools in Bangalore.

Merit Based Scholarships

Merit based scholarships are awarded to students who have exceptional academic achievement. Rather than just giving scholarships to the neediest students, they focus on rewarding the people with the best potential.

Merit-based scholarships give talented low-income students the opportunity to pursue higher education. Students can use these scholarships as a stepping stone to achieve their dreams and goals in life.

Sports Based Scholarships

There is a wide variety of scholarships that are given to those who excel in sports and academics. These scholarships can be given for both college and high school graduates and they vary in terms of the sports that the person excels in, as well as their level of athletics or academics.

In India, sports-based scholarships are provided to students to recognize their sportsmanship at the national and international level. 

This type of scholarship not only supports students in their tuition fees but also provides them with the opportunity to excel in their chosen sport with proper mentorship.

It is widely known that the majority of sports scholarships are given to football and basketball players, but there has been an increase in the number of scholarship opportunities in other sports like Badminton, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Chess, Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming, Archery, Shooting, Boxing, Weightlifting, Cycling, Volleyball, Netball, Martial Arts, Hockey, Cricket, Rugby, etc.

Merit-Cum-Means Based Scholarships

The merit cum means based scholarships help students who are in need of financial assistance. These scholarships are not based on merit or grades, but rather a student's financial situation and other extenuating circumstances. 

There is a lot of scholarship money available for the right candidate, it is just a matter of knowing where to look and who to talk to.

The recipient's parents' income, previous academic results, and financial circumstances are taken into consideration before awarding the merit cum means based scholarship so that the student can focus on their studies without having to worry about other costs.

Talent Based Scholarships

Are you interested in music, art or dance? Do you need funding to go to university in a talent-based field? If so, then there are several talent-based scholarships available that are specifically for students in these fields. Moreover, many best CBSE schools in Bangalore also offer scholarships to students who have a strong inclination towards technology and its applications. One such example is the APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship offered by GIIS.


Scholarships are extremely important in the world of education. In a world where the cost of tuition is rising every year, scholarships can make the difference between a student graduating with debt or being debt free. 

The most important thing to know about applying for school scholarships is that you should start early! It can take anywhere from one to three months to get your application processed and approved so it's best not to wait until the last minute.

Ranjitha Shastry

“Being a kindergarten teacher is comforting, my students have little hands and big hearts. I’m proud to be a Kindergarten teacher!!

I have worked in the field of education for 10 years. I have been working with GIIS Bangalore for five years.

Working with young children means constant activity, interruptions, and lots of colour! I tailor lessons and activities to the needs of each unique student. I am always learning new research or better ways to do something. I am very blessed to be in a school that supports the importance of play at this age. 

The teaching approach that I follow are hands-on approach and the Play way teaching methods that encourage students to learn by doing and by example. 

From teaching Rhymes to preparing the students for Inter-school competitions, training them for cultural events, I always try my best to create an impact in their life.

The most important role for a teacher, I believe, is to introduce children at early ages to a wealth of wonderful learning opportunities, So they are inspired to think about who they can be and what they can do for the rest of their lives.

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