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Know about the Prerequisites before applying for international school scholarship

Ranjitha Shastry
Jul 30, 2021

Getting the scholarships isn't easy but applying for scholarships and giving your 100% is in your hand. But to be fully prepared you must know all the details about the Scholarship program and its eligibility requirement so that you do not miss anything.

Here are some most common FAQs that will help you to know the details of the scholarship program of  International School Bangalore and will clear all your doubts.

Check If your Child is Eligible for 100% Fee Waiver

What types of scholarships are available in International School Bangalore?

There are 5 scholarship opportunities available in International School Bangalore ranging from partial to full scholarship which covers tuition and hostel fees.

1. Merit-Based Scholarship:- Global Citizen Scholarship (GCS)

GCS scholarship is offered to merit students to become a global citizen and have easier access to reputable universities across the world. The scholarship funds the cost of education and living and boarding expenses at the GSF campus location for 2 Years  for students who wish to complete Grade 11 and 12 in any of the campuses


*75% to 100% Waiver on Tuition fee + Hostel (depending upon category)

2. Sports Scholarship:- Global Sports Scholarship

It aims to provide foundational support to young sportspersons and recognise their achievements at the international, national and state levels. Along with the financial support, the scholarship will also focus on encouraging the budding talents by proper mentorship as and when required.


*90 to 100% on Total Fees (depending upon category)

3. Merit-Based Scholarship:- 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship

The 9GEMS framework is an award-winning holistic teaching methodology that helps students meet the changing needs of the time. The model is designed to groom students, hone their inherent strengths and mould their personalities to make them well-rounded citizens.


*10 to 20% on Total Fees (depending upon category)

4. Merit-Based Scholarship:- Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

Students are known to be technology-savvy very early in their life. Their natural inclination towards the understanding of gadgets, applications and other digital tools makes them proficient in the subject at a very young age. This scholarship recognizes such young talents in the field of digital space and encourages them.


*10 to 20% on Total Fees (depending upon category)

5. Financial Assistance Scholarship:- Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit-cum-Means Scholarship

Through the Merit-Cum-Means scholarship, GSF plans to extend support through financial assistance and make education affordable for parents across financial spectrums.

The scholarship is aimed at existing parents, new parents and the student fraternity of GIIS.


*10 to 20% on Total Fees (depending upon category)

Is getting a Scholarship for school difficult?

Scholarships for schools are highly competitive as there are many students trying to get funding for their studies. You have a chance of getting Merit-based Scholarships depending on outstanding academic records and the quality of your application.

However to improve your chances of gaining a scholarship, attach all the required documentation, write the impressive application which showcases your potential.

The Scholarship for school is for which Grades?

International School Bangalore scholarship is open to students of all levels i.e. from grade 1 to 12.

Where can I check the Scholarship for school details?

You can check the detail of eligibility criteria, scholarship value and terms and conditions of each scholarship program on the schools website.

What should I submit with my scholarship application? 

The simple answer is attached anything relevant to your academics, sports, extracurricular activities which can showcase your potential or makes you stand out and the documents that are mentioned to check your eligibility or that needs financial income proof etc.

What should I include in my scholarship essay? 

Your essay should convey your potential and why you deserve this scholarship, so use your essay as a chance to prove your worth, mention your achievements, ambitions,  interests, community service programs you have done or arranged and how they relate to the program you are applying for.

When is the best time to apply for a scholarship for school?

Scholarships for schools or any university have deadlines, which often depend on the start dates of the academic year in the relevant country. It is always best to start early so that there is no last-minute rush.

For exact dates, check the details provided on the official website of the scholarship provider or get in touch with the counsellor or team for any relevant information. Make sure to cross-check the dates given on the website with the counsellor so that there is no discrepancy.

Tips for writing a scholarship application letter?

● Explain why you're a good match, Outline your main strengths, explain the reasons you would need the scholarship to fund your studies, your plans for future career growth, and how you would benefit if selected. 

● The essay should be written in a formal tone with a clear, concise structure. 

● Double-check spelling or grammar mistakes. 

● Ask another person to read it before sending it.

Hope these FAQs help you with the required details you were searching and if you need more information about particular scholarship programs in International School Bangalore, get in touch with the scholarship provider directly. 

If we have missed out on any information that you are looking for, do let us know with your comments below and we will surely try to provide the details

Ranjitha Shastry

“Being a kindergarten teacher is comforting, my students have little hands and big hearts. I’m proud to be a Kindergarten teacher!!

I have worked in the field of education for 10 years. I have been working with GIIS Bangalore for five years.

Working with young children means constant activity, interruptions, and lots of colour! I tailor lessons and activities to the needs of each unique student. I am always learning new research or better ways to do something. I am very blessed to be in a school that supports the importance of play at this age. 

The teaching approach that I follow are hands-on approach and the Play way teaching methods that encourage students to learn by doing and by example. 

From teaching Rhymes to preparing the students for Inter-school competitions, training them for cultural events, I always try my best to create an impact in their life.

The most important role for a teacher, I believe, is to introduce children at early ages to a wealth of wonderful learning opportunities, So they are inspired to think about who they can be and what they can do for the rest of their lives.

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