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A Complete Guide about High School Scholarships and school admissions in Bangalore

Seena S
Jul 30, 2021

In India, there is a prevalent problem of students not receiving sufficient funds for their education which eventually results in them dropping out of school. There is a common misconception that these incidents only happen in public schools, which is absolutely not true. 

There are many children in the state of Karnataka itself who withdrew their private school admissions in Bangalore and took a transfer into public schools in the middle of the pandemic because they lacked adequate funds and their parents weren't able to accumulate the fees on time, to continue receiving quality education.

Many of these incidents haven't come into notice with the education department either. This gap in the system has created a need to award exceptional students with the financial aids in the form of High school scholarships, talent-based scholarships or need based scholarships that they deserve, so that each may receive their chance to reach their absolute potentials with money not being an obstacle in their educational journey.


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When can one apply for high school scholarships based on merit?

Merit based high school scholarships offer an impressive opportunity to focus on need-based learning, that assists students to prepare themselves for a globalised outlook. 

It also helps the students to be able to achieve seats in renowned universities with prominent undergraduate courses all over the world so that their aspirations and goals are met. 

Although these scholarships are really difficult to achieve due to the competition faced amongst students, who challenge themselves to do better than they did before academically, it still is essential to apply in order to get a good chance at quality education.

To be able to apply for one of these, merit based scholarships, one will have to keep a tab on their deadlines as every scholarship has different deadlines which would range from the beginning of the session or probably a couple of months before the academic session starts. Some scholarships require to be registered a year prior.

Some Types of merit-based high school scholarships are:-

Global Future-Ready Scholarship - for students who score an aggregate of 90% and above.

Global Citizen scholarship - for students who achieve 93% and above.

● ISRO Young Scientist Program - for students who are interested to pursue science and a career in the same field.

● National talent Search exam (NTSE) - to help students pursue higher studies by qualifying state level as well as national level exams.

● KCMET Mahindra all India Talent Scholarships - it is applicable to students who have taken admissions for diploma courses in government or renowned private educational institutes.

When should one apply for a high school scholarship award based on need?

The need-based scholarship is primarily offered for deserving students who belong from low to moderate family income groups. The basis of awarding this scholarship is the weightage of past academic performance of the students and the tax returns or Gross family income of the students.

Just like the merit-based scholarships, it is essential to keep a tab on the school websites or in-person visits to the financial aid department of the school in order to determine the registration opening as well as deadlines of the scholarships as they all may have different deadlines.

Some Types of need-based scholarships are:-

Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit-cum- Means Scholarship in Bangalore - students must have an optimum academic record and with family incomes below ?8,00,000 annually to be eligible for this program.

● HP Udaan Scholarship Program - this program focuses on students of class 10th so that they may benefit from this in the future.

● Jyoti Kalash Scholarship Program - this scheme is for needy girl children who need financial assistance with a gross family income below ?3,50,000 annually.

● HDFC educational Crisis Scholarship - the selection for this scholarship is based on the performance criteria on the aptitude tests. Students who qualify for these will be called for an interview round for the final selection.

● Tata Trusts Means Grant for School - The program is being offered to meritorious students who have an excellent academic record and don't have enough economic support to complete their studies.

● CCB Welfare and Scholarship Scheme India - There is a provision of ?4 lakhs for education in an annual disbursement. This initiative by the Combined Counselling Board (CCB), India is only for those applicants who belong to families with an annual income of ? 2 lakhs or less.

What are the types of Talent based scholarships awarded in leading international schools, during school admissions in Bangalore?

● Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship in Bangalore

● 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship in Bangalore

● GIIS Global Sports Scholarship in Bangalore

● Prathibha Puraskar Scholarship Registration For SSLC & PUC

Can one apply for multiple high school scholarships at the same time during school admissions in Bangalore? 

It depends on the kind of scholarship one is applying for and when the application process for the scholarship begins. Some institutions may allow for multiple scholarship applications, however, in most high school scholarships, international schools in Bangalore have policies of one scholarship program at a time to ensure that other students are not left behind, so they receive an equal opportunity to compete for the high school scholarship program during school admissions in Bangalore. 

Any scholarships that do not allow a recipient to hold other scholarships will state this in the eligibility criteria. Keep in mind that you cannot apply for the same scholarship twice at the same time. The aim is to groom the students, enhance their inherent strengths and mould their personalities to make them well-rounded citizens through accessible quality education.

Step-by-step high school Scholarship application process during international school admissions in Bangalore

1) Application - Submit the Application form with relevant information

2) Documentation - In the Application form Upload all prerequisite Documents

● Upload academic records for past years as specified.

● Family income documents/tax assessment (ITR duly acknowledged by IT dept.) for the past two years including that of Father & Mother (If self employed or working professional)

● In case of local guardians, gross family income of local guardians in India will be considered as a base for processing the application

● Self-Declaration form for Gross Family Income

3) Notification - Successful applicants will be notified via email within 10 to 15 working days

4) Scholarship Assessment through an exam or equivalent tests.

5) One to One Interview with the applicant (If Applicable)

6) Scholarship Selection + Disbursal of funds

How long does it take for one to receive their high school scholarships' announcement?

In total, after the actual closing of student registrations for a particular scholarship scheme, it takes almost 3 months to get your scholarship amount credited into your bank account, if you get selected for scholarship, irrespective of the date your application got verified by institute or state.

In private institutions, the announcement for scholarship may be received as quickly as the time interval of 2 weeks or less. Thus, most students apply for high school scholarships through their own private schools that process these applications faster, conveniently and easily during school admissions in Bangalore.

It should be noted that National Scholarship Programs usually extend deadlines for student registrations after the school admissions in Bangalore and also institute/state/district verifications frequently on the requests made by the respective stakeholders which makes the process slow. 

Usually, the extension in deadline is possible only for student registrations and verification phases. However, once the Merit list is generated, you will receive a scholarship within 30-45 days.


Considering all these above aspects, you can prepare to apply for high school scholarships before school admissions in Bangalore.

Seena S

My teaching approach is a perfect blend of theory and practical learning methodology. My teaching theories are mainly based on a teacher-centered approach versus a student-centered approach. In this style, teaching and assessment are viewed as two separate entities; student learning is measured through objectively scored tests and assessments. Weekly/alternatively assessments are undertaken in the class. In this style, teaching and assessment are viewed as two separate entities; student learning is measured through objectively scored tests and assessments. 

The teacher’s primary role is to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and to measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment, like group projects, student portfolios, and class participation. I divide my class into five to six groups. Peer correction, debate, preparation of question bank etc. enriches their knowledge about the subject. In the student-centered classroom, teaching and assessment are connected because student learning is continuously measured during teacher instruction.

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